As you may know, the 100 Club has been running for a number of years and makes a very useful contribution towards club funds. I have recently taken the running of this over from Russell Brockett and have decided to give it a bit of a ‘re launch’ as there are a number of new members joined in the past few years (and quite a few long term members!!) missing out on this great opportunity!

It’s a very simple scheme, effectively we total up the reciepts on a monthly basis and pay out 50% of the sum collected to one lucky winner drawn at random. It’s only £5 per month and obviously the more people in it the bigger the payout.

The form is attached below. Obviously in these modern internet banking days a lot of you will be able to set the payment up online without reference to your bank. Drop me a line/message to let me know when you have set it up so I can include you in the next draw!!

P.S: Please note this is a separate account with HSBC NOT the Lloyds account!

~ Pete Ingrey
Cudham Wyse Cricket Club


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